Our Programs


  • Payments made for rent/mortgage to prevent eviction/foreclosure.
  • Payments made for rent/mortgage to prevent eviction/foreclosure.
  • Utility bill paying assistance.
  • Car payment and repair assistance. Work with the creditor and client to prevent the repossession of a client’s vehicle.
  • Home assistance for emergency repairs.
  • Childcare expenses.
  • Limited amount gift cards for gas ($5 - $10).


  • College application fee and completion assistance.
  • Assistance with job training programs and certifications.


  • Work with clients for job placement assistance, resume preparation, job training, application assistance, and interview preparation.
  • Provide assistance for needed clothing, shoes, uniform, or other items necessary to obtain employment.
  • Provide travel assistance and bus passes to help clients get to and from work.


  • Immediate and emergency food provisions provided via pre-boxed supplies.
  • Vouchers and gift cards to select grocery stores will be available to qualified applicants*.
  • Volunteers will prepare and deliver emergency meals to those in need.
  • Arrange meals on wheels for those in need of long term meal preparation assistance.


  • Work with the client to prevent homelessness. Provide short-term temporary shelter at local motels for qualified applicants*.
  • Work with client to move them into a stable and sustainable home.
  • Move unqualified applicants to homeless shelters or other organizations for assistance.
  • Provide moving assistance to clients through organizing, packing, and vehicles to move.
  • Locate and establish needed storage for those moving to short term housing.


  • Seasonal clothing will be provided as needed and as available.
  • Vouchers to local merchants will be provided to qualified applicants* for the purchase of winter coats, boots, hats, and gloves.
  • Vouchers to local merchants will be provided to qualified applicants* for the purchase of socks, underwear, bras, and undershirts.
  • Household staples will be provided (as available) via pre-boxed items including cleaning supplies, personal needs items such as soap, tooth paste, toilet paper, and feminine hygiene products.
*Qualified applicants – a qualified applicant is a person who meets the necessary requirements as established on the Assistance Application form. The qualified applicant must complete the assistance application, sign all waiver and confidentiality forms, and provide a valid photo ID, a physical address, and proof of physical address (2 utility bills with applicant name). All applicants will work with an advocate to establish and follow a plan of action to navigate through the crisis to a state of stability. Applicants needing long term assistance must meet the above stated requirements and pass a drug test.

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